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Voice your concerns directly to Congressional Representatives

To voice your concerns about GPS interference, you can send letters, emails, faxes, call or visit your Congressional representatives' office in person to explain how you use GPS as a local business and what the impacts of interference would be to the local economy.

Write Your Representative

Ask your member of congress to support and co-sign the attached letter from Congressman Neugebauer (R-TX) and Austria (R-OH).

66 Congressman Co-Sign Neugebauer and (R-TX) and Austria (R-OH)

Find Your U.S. House of Representatives
Please include: "Coalition to Save Our GPS and FCC File No. SAT-MOD-20101118-00239" in your correspondence.

Contact Your Local Senator

Ask your Senator to support and co-sign the attached letter from Senators Roberts (R-KS) and Nelson (D-NE): explain how you use GPS in your state and what impact interference or any compromise of the GPS service would have on you and the local economy.

33 Senators Co-Sign Roberts (R-KS) and Nelson (D-NE) Letter

Find Your Local Senator

Send your comments directly to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

In order to submit a letter regarding the LightSquared Subsidiary LLC modification request being processed by the International Bureau, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the FCC International Bureau Electronic Filing System (IBFS): and fill in the requested information.

    Pleading type is a drop down menu. The selection of "letter" is most likely the correct one; "ex parte presentation notification letter" is used to report a prior oral ex parte meeting, and would not be correct here. Keep "no" checked on the "confidential information" line.

    Please note that there is no need to have or use an FCC Registration Number (FRN). The sender should fill out the information fields; there is no need to fill out the "Contact Information" field if the sender is posting directly.

  2. When this form is complete, hit "Next Step" and you will be directed to a page requesting the FCC file number for the LightSquared modification (SAT-MOD-20101118-00239). Copy and paste the complete file number in the box. Click "Add File Numbers to Pleading List" and then check the box in the row that appears with the file number. Click "Next Step".
  3. The next step is to upload your letter. Click the icon under "Replace/Attach" and proceed to fill out the description of the letter and follow the upload instructions. The letter should be in pdf format.
  4. Click "Submit" after the letter is uploaded. You will receive an electronic confirmation that you can print and retain for your files.

For your ready reference, below are the actions the Coalition is seeking from the FCC:



The FCC must make clear, and the NTIA must ensure, that LightSquared's license modification is contingent on the outcome of the mandated study unequivocally demonstrating that there is no interference to GPS. The study must be comprehensive, objective, and based on correct assumptions about existing GPS uses rather than theoretical possibilities. Given the substantial pre-existing investment in GPS systems and infrastructure, and the critical nature of GPS applications, the results of studies must conclusively demonstrate that there is no risk of interference. If there is conflicting evidence, doubts must be resolved against the LightSquared terrestrial system. The views of LightSquared, as an interested party, are entitled to no special weight in this process.



The FCC should make clear that LightSquared and its investors are proceeding at their own risk in advance of the FCC's assessment of the working group's analysis. While this is the FCC's established policy, the Commission's International Bureau failed to make this explicit in its order.



Resolution of interference has to be the obligation of LightSquared, not the extensive GPS user community of millions of citizens. LightSquared must bear the costs of preventing interference emanating from their devices, and if there is no way to prevent interference, it should not be permitted to operate. GPS users or providers should not have to bear any of the consequences of LightSquared's actions.



This is a matter of critical national interest. There must be a reasonable opportunity for public comment of at least 45 days on the report produced by the working group and further FCC actions on the LightSquared modification order should take place with the approval of a majority of the commissioners, not at the bureau level.

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