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What Others Are Saying

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In The News

"We request that the Commission only approve LightSquared's waiver (to offer service) if it can be indisputably proven that there will be no GPS interference, "

- Part of a letter signed by a bipartisan group of 66 House members
   Communications Daily - June 8, 2011

"We want to see the complete report"..."However, the executive summary confirms what we believe, that LightSquared's terrestrial-based system interferes with aviation GPS, which is a major public safety issue."

- Bobby Sturgell, a former acting FAA administrator commenting on report given to FAA
   The Washington Post, High-tech problems reach a higher plane - June 6, 2011


What GPS Users Are Saying

"As a rescue captain working offshore and through hundreds of miles of inland waters, GPS is critical to my line of work. Without it, our level of service will be dangerously affected."

- Captain Troup Nightingale, Georgia

"I am an active General Aviation pilot and am very concerned about the safety risk to GPS operations that may be presented."

- Daniel Rose, New York


What GPS Users Are Saying Across the United States

"We use GPS to locate our underground utilities. We have invested thousands of dollars in our system, and do not want to see it in jeopardy in any way."

"Anything that may cause GPS not to work as is currently will cost our agency more to survey land and navigate the State by automobile, plane, and vessels."


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